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New Gear – Overview of the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini

m-audio oxygen pro midi keyboard

Overview of M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini

I’ve just purchased another Midi keyboard controller for my recording setup!


This is the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini Keyboard Controller. It has 32 mini keys, a built-in arpeggiator, SMART Chords, and SMART Scales. The controller also has 4 sliders and 8 mini pads which double up as drum pags and buttons for a number of functions. The buttons have built-in RGB lights behind them, which give an indication of the current status of the device and its function when it’s in use.

There are also a number of additional buttons on-board, which are plain on/off selectors. These allow you to select things like the arpeggiator and chord function, and set the arps and drum pads to “latch”. There are also 4 knobs above the pads which allow control of the arp settings. The fifth knob is located below the LED screen. The allows you to access many of the functions that are already available via the buttons and pads. There are are two wheels for performance/expression – one for pitch-bend and the other for modulation.

One of the main reasons I bought the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini Keyboard Controller is auto-mapping. It links directly to your DAW (digital audio workstation) via USB cable, and allows you to control various functions directly from the keyboard’s controls. In most cases, it’s things like Play, Record, Stop, and control of different mixer options (volume, sends etc.,) and different devices (instruments and effects). In the case of my DAW (Ableton) you can also use the pads to trigger different clips for playing and recording.

Proper Review?

I’ll do a proper review of the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini Keyboard Controller on my blog, along with a review video, but in the meantime, I’m really impressed with this device. It does all of the things I need at the moment, such as controlling my DAW without having to reach for my mouse! However, I do miss my Akai MPK Mini Mk3 which was very simple to use. The Oxygen Pro Mini requires a bit of thought!

If you’re looking to buy the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini Keyboard Controller, then click the link below to find it on Amazon. This is an affiliate link, so I’ll get commission every time someone buys it from using the link!

Buy M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini (affiliate link)

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Hands-on Demos of the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini (external videos)

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