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I’ve purchased the new AKAI MPK Mini PLAY Mk3 MIDI keyboard for my studio! It’s a new version of AKAI professional’s best-selling MPK Mini Play MIDI Keyboard with speakers. It’s a 25-note MIDI controller, and a portable keyboard with 128 built-in sounds.

Akai MPK Mini Play MK3 (New for 2022 Model) First Look Akai Pro Unboxing video

The Mini Play is a step up from the previous model, and now includes the 2nd generation dynamic keybed and MPC-type drum pads that are standard on the Mark 3 MPK Mini controller, which was released last year (2021). There is a larger built-in speaker compared to the old version of the Play, with better bass/low end response. The layout of the device has changed since the last version. It seems that AKAI have altered the shape of the pads that are on the MPK Mini. They’re rectangular rather than square, which I presume is to create space for four of the dials/pots, which have been moved above the drum pads. The dials in turn have been moved in order to make space for the larger built-in speaker!

I’ve owned a number of budget MIDI keyboard controllers recently, including the M-Audio Oxygen Pro. However, I’ve ended up selling them because I didn’t like certain features. I chose the AKAI MPK Mini PLAY Mk3 MIDI keyboard because of its portability. Its built-in sounds and headphone socket will allow me to start making music away from my computer….

It’s worth noting that although the AKAI MPK Mini Play Mk3 is now available to buy on Amazon (affiliate link) and many other online and physical stores, it still isn’t featured on the AKAI website. Rumour has it that it will be officially launched in March this year (2022), so look out for more news on my website, or check out my unboxing video/first thoughts on the AKAI MPK Mini Play Mk3 on my Youtube channel or at the top of this page.