Playing Live at HMV Warrington 24.06.2023

Tim Blackburn who records under the name “Mistrust”, will be performing songs from his new album “Sunlight” live in store at HMV Warrington in the Golden Square shopping centre at 2pm on Saturday 24th June, 2023 in association with Warrington Pride. Free Entry!

This will be my third in-store performance at a HMV store, following my live set at HMV in Bury last month and at HMV Stockport of the 17th of June, 2023.

I will be signing copies of my new album “Sunlight” and my four-track EP “Yellow and Grey”, which are both available to buy in store on limited edition compact discs.

Image reads Mistrust Playing live in store HMV Warrington Saturday 24th June 2023 2pm.

My performance in store at HMV in Warrington is in association with Warrington Pride, which is taking place over the weekend of the 23rd to 25th of June, 2023. One of the highlights of Warrington Pride is “Glitter” in the Golden Square shopping centre which includes a DJ set by Fleur East!

Check out a clip from my appearance in store at HMV in Bury.

My next performance in store at HMV will be in Liverpool in September 2023.