Recent Official Music Releases from Mistrust

New Chester Road (Revisited) – Single (Released April 2024)

mistrust new chester road revisited cover

Yellow and Grey EP (New CD) – released December 2023

mistrust yellow and grey cd

Available on Bandcamp

Sunlight (Single) – Release date: May 2023

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more

Sunlight (Album) – Limited Edition Compact Disc – Released May 2023

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music

Various Releases

S.O.A.P. (Single) – 5th May 2023

YELLOW AND GREY EP & CD – 7th April 2023

PAUL, THE PHONE IS RINGING (Single) – 18th November 2022

NEVER LET YOU GO (Single) – 6th May 2022

ROB. V – NEW AGE (MISTRUST REMIX) – 19th November 2021

EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY (Mistrust Remixes) – 4th December 2020


Pitch Black – Rude Mechanicals Mistrust Remix

Banco de Gaia – All Sleeping Mistrust Remix

Warp Technique – Nowhere Dub Mistrust Remix

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