Live at Button Warehouse Open Mic Night April 2023

Mistrust had an amazing reaction from the audience when he played live at Button Warehouse Open Mic Night in Macclesfield!

Tim Blackburn aka Mistrust, talks about playing only his third ever live performance:

“I had an amazing time playing alongside so many talented musicians at Button Warehouse Open Mic night in Macclesfield on Tuesday evening. I couldn’t believe the reaction I got from the audience too, especially what happened when I played “Yellow and Grey”!!!

I played three songs: “Life”, “I’m Waiting for the Man”, and “Yellow and Grey”.

I even managed to sell some of my Limited Edition CDs of “Yellow and Grey”!!!

I also used my new Stagg keyboard stand first the first time, which helped me focus on playing my AKAI MPK Mini Plus MIDI keyboard better!

Thanks to @buttonopenmic & @travellingsimon for the photos & for all of their help and support. Thanks to everyone in the audience & staff too!

The other performers at the Open Mic Night were:

Joel Gardner, Ben Gorb, Joshua Payne, Noelly, and Martin Coyne.

Look out for my next live performance (details TBC)!!!