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Press Release! North West Musician Mistrust helping to save a historic train!

UK Musician Mistrust is donating money from sales of his latest release “Yellow and Grey” to help fund the preservation of Merseyrail Class 507 001 electric train!

Buy or Download Yellow and Grey to help this great cause!

Yellow and Grey is available to buy on both limited edition “Heritage” British Rail blue and grey CD and “classic” Merseyrail yellow compact discs and as a digital download on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

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About Yellow and Grey

The song “Yellow and Grey” was written about and inspired by the Class 507 and 508 electric trains, which are now being withdrawn after over 40 years of service in the Liverpool and Merseyside “Merseyrail” region of the United Kingdom. The colours yellow and grey not only represent the colours of the trains, but also the seat covers inside.

Mistrust says “I took a trip on one of these old trains and was fascinated by their look and sound. I’m a bit of a train fan and these had their own unique style and character. They were still running after 40 years through towns, villages, and countryside but were finally being withdrawn, to be replaced by more modern trains. It seemed only fitting that I should mark both of these events.

On 14th December 2023, Mistrust’s “Yellow and Grey” EP was re-released on a special limited edition Blue and Grey “Heritage” CD to commemorate the Merseyrail Class 507 001 electric train being wrapped in its original “British Rail Blue and Grey” livery.

Buy My CD to Help!

You can help to preserve 507 001 by buying a copy of my Yellow and Grey four-track EP on the Blue and Grey “Heritage” CD and/or the original “Yellow and Grey” CD. Use the Bandcamp player on this page or follow the links below. You can also download the EP using these links below. All profits from the sale of the CDs and digital downloads will be donated to the society*

Buy Mistrust – Yellow and Grey EP on Limited Edition “Blue and Grey” CD

Buy Mistrust – Yellow and Grey EP on Limited Edition “Yellow and Grey” CD

Download Mistrust – Yellow and Grey EP

You can buy Mistrust – Yellow and Grey EP on CD in the following HMV stores:


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(*For a limited time/subject to availability)

About the Class 507 Preservation Society

Class 507 train at Moorfields Station

The society and website has been set up to find people interested in preserving a class 507 train.

Since its introduction in 1978, the Merseyrail class 507 fleet has conveyed generations of Merseysiders — to work, to school, to days out at the seaside, to nights out on the town.

The introduction of the new class 777 units means that the venerable fleet, built by British Rail Engineering Limited at York Works, will soon disappear. Several units have already been scrapped, and the rest will be gone within the next twelve months.

The society proposes to preserve 507001 to ensure that the class’s contribution to the region’s railway history is not forgotten. This website has been set up to gauge interest and get organised.

Visit the Class 507 website

About Mistrust